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Our style of Chinese Boxing / Kung Fu focuses on the teachings of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. JKD as it survives today - it is what was left at the time of Bruce Lee’s death.  It is the result of the life-long martial arts development process Lee went through. 

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) 

Jeet Kune Do is the name Bruce Lee gave to his combat philosophy in 1967.  Originally, when Lee began researching various fighting styles, he gave his own martial art his own name of Jun Fan Gung Fu.  However, not wanting to create another style that would share the limitations that all styles have, he instead gave us the process that created it.


JKD as it survives today - is what was left at the time of Bruce Lee’s death.  It is the result of the life-long martial arts development process Lee went through.  Bruce Lee stated that his ideals are not an “adding to” of more things, but rather a winnowing out.  The metaphor Lee borrowed from Chan Buddhism was of constantly filling a cup with water, and then emptying it, used for describing Lee’s philosophy of “casting off what is useless”.  The end result is what he considered to be the bare combat essentials, or JKD.



‘I have known Kwoklyn Wan for many years, as both a member of the Wednesday Night Group, and as a friend. I cannot stress enough my whole hearted support and endorsement of both him and Urban Martial Arts.

To know where you are going you must first of all understand where you have been. by learning understanding the CORE provides a structure to allow an understanding of the roots of JKD through to its current format. This in itself preserves the ethos of the Wednesday Night Group to help JKD develop in the future.’

Tim Tackett - JKD Wednesday Night Group


"If you are sincerely interested in studying Jeet Kune Do and are looking for a great learning experience in a professional yet fun environment, Kwoklyn Wan's "Urban Martial Arts" in Leicester is the place for you. With over 38 years experience in martial arts, Kwoklyn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching as he shares the martial art founded by the legendary Bruce Lee."

Christopher Kent - CK JKD 


I have known Kwoklyn Wan for many years, first as a student and now as a close friend.  Not only is he trustworthy and honorable but he is one of the most talented martial arts instructors I have had the pleasure to meet.

I now not only teach Kwoklyn I also work along side him developing and improving new innovative methods of teaching the martial arts.

Kwoklyn to my mind is one of the best instructors you can find. If there were one instructor I would personally choose to train with as a student or as an instructor looking to enhance their skills and knowledge then it would be Kwoklyn Wan.

Tuhon Pat O’Malley – Founder of Rapid Arnis International

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