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"The Evolution of Jeet Kune Do"


URBAN JKD is a complete A to Z of Bruce Lee’s entire martial arts development of Jeet Kune Do. Starting in Seattle 1959 we travel through to Oakland 1964, and LA Chinatown 1967 right up to Bruce Lee’s untimely death in 1973. The journey then continues to develop with the training methods and drills from Dan Inosanto, Tim Tackett, Chris Kent, Bob Bremer, and Jim Sewell to the present day. 


Split into 8 Phases URBAN JEET KUNE DO is a journey through time starting at the very beginning of Bruce Lee’s martial arts path. 


Monthly Training:
Every Month you will be given another piece of the Jeet Kune Do puzzle, you will be taught How, When and Why and will be given key teaching points to use when you eventually begin teaching Urban Jeet Kune Do.

After completing Phase 3 you will also be given 1-2-1 business management which will include: Accounts, Administration, On and off line Marketing & PR, plus the all important Class Plans etc. 


When: The last Saturday of each month

Time: 13:00 - 18:00
Urban Martial Arts – 132 Station Road, Glenfield LE3 8BR
Cost: £60.00 


The Trainee Instructor course will consist of the following 
1. A monthly lesson plan
2. Training sheet with key coaching points
3. Detailed tuition of how to perform the techniques 
4. Access to our Private Instructors YouTube Channel 
5. Certificate of completion (for each phase)
all of which will be added to your Trainee Instructor Folder. 


If you have not yet registered please complete the form below to secure your place
(Limited places)


I look forward to sharing Urban Jeet Kune Do with you


Yours Respectfully
Kwoklyn Wan

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