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Urban Kickboxing focuses on stand up combat sports based on Kicking and Punching. Historically developed from Karate, Muay Thai Boxing and Western Boxing. Practised for Self Defence, Fitness and Contact Sports.
Kickboxing Juniors Programme (6 - 12yrs) 
Kickboxing Leicester classes are aimed to suit your teens own ability and our fully trained friendly instructors will help them learn at their own pace. Our Kickboxing classes are perfect if your teen wants to loose weight, gain confidence, learn self defense or to become a competitive fighter. All sparring is optional and unlike most kickboxing organisations we do not require you to fight unless you want to. 

* Self Defence

* Fitness

* Confidence

* Childrens & Adult Classes available


Classes include high impact focus pad drills, two man return drills, and fitness drills.


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