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URBAN MARTIAL ARTS - Rises from the Ashes

A Kung Fu school that burnt down two years ago has reopened for a second time.

Urban Martial Arts, run by retail entrepreneur and martial arts instructor Kwoklyn Wan, is due to reopen at Sole Fitness, Glenfield, on Friday.

The original martial arts school was based in St John's Street, off Burley's Way, but relocated to Western Road following a severe fire at the Corah's building in April 2012.

The new venue came as a result of parking restrictions implemented by Leicester City Council at the end of 2013.

The school, which has about 200 students, continued classes in church halls and community centres until they found their new location.

Kwoklyn, the older brother of TV personality Gok Wan, said: "We have six different Instructors teaching at Urban or we used to. When Urban burnt down all instructors carried on with their day jobs. It was only myself at the time that was 100 per cent affected by the closure.

"I have spoken to them all about the good news, five of us will be returning back to Urban."


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